2015-Present: Master in Computer Science, UW-Madison

-2016 Spring-

CS766: Computer Vision


CS761: Advanced Machine Learning


CS784: Data Models and Languages


-2015 Fall-

CS533: Image Processing

Filters, Denoising, Deblur, Impainting, Tomographic Reconstruction, Watermarking and Stenography, Compression
Final Project: Food Recognition (You can learn SIFT from my PPT in 10 mins. SVM and CNN were used in our project.)

CS540: Artificial Intelligent

Searching Algorithm, FOL, Decision Tree, Neural Network, SVM

CS770: Human Computer Interaction

Theories and methods in HCI. Experiment design. Data collection and analysis.
Final Project: Babylonian: An Uber Translation Platform(Poster, Report)

CS760: Machine Learning

Learning theory: PAC, Mistake-bound model, Bias-Variance Decomposition, Evaluating learning algorithms,
Learning Methods: Decision Tree, Bayes Network, Neural Network, SVM, Relational Learning
Final Project: Detecting Foods in Images

2007-2013 – PhD in Mathematics, UW-Madison