Problems in Autonomous Cars and How Can We Do Better

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According to a New York Times report, Google’s car completely froze because other drivers kept inching forward, but the car’s sensors kept waiting for other humans to stop completely so it could continue. [Improve the algorithm by inching forward]

Another instance occurred last month when one of Google’s Lexus Autonomous vehicles approached a crosswalk. It began to slow down by itself, as if to allow pedestrians to cross. This prompted the test driver to apply the brakes. The pedestrian crossed the street just fine, but the self-driving car was rear-ended by a car with a human driver, according to Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report. According to its report, if its test driver had not interfered, the car may have prevented the accident because it would’ve braked slightly less hard and inched a little bit closer to the crosswalk. [Lack of HC collaboration]

City Map of the New Driving Task

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 3.21.41 PM

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If you want to create a scene from a real city, follow this tutorial: